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Welcome, my name is Len Camarda, author of The Seventh Treasure.

  Welcome, my name is Len Camarda, author of Prey of the Falcon, The Seventh Treasure and some short stories you will see in my “Other Works.” My novels do delve into history, include some historical fiction and often take you to new and exotic lands. Prey of the Falcon ventures into the heart of

Hilton Head Island’s 350/30 celebration

Hilton Head Island celebrates its 350th year of discoveryby William Hilton and the 30th year of its incorporation.  As part of the island activities, The Island Writer’s Network will be selling its 3 low county anthologies, Unpacked and Staying, Hilton Headings and Living the Dream at Pineland Station on October 3rd from 10 am to 4pm.  The

John Austin Book Club interview

On Tuesday, September 10th, I was interviewed by WTAN Boook Club host, John Austin. Broadcasting from Tampa and KLRG-AM, Liitle Rock, the interview is also available in a podcast at  While there are a couple of questions I would love to do over — more brevity — I nevertheless was very impressed with Mr. 

The Call

The next morning, Cerone was in the conference room with Josh Bigelow and the full staff of AOP project leaders and direct-reports. They had convened right after the incident and had been going through debriefings and minute-by-minute, step-by-step analyses of yesterday’s simulation ever since. Gene had already met with both Deputy Director Danny Boggs and

Baghdad, DC

Gene Cerone put on the stereo as he walked into his Powder Mill home only a short drive from his office. The preset FM station played mostly oldies—a lot of Sinatra, soft doo-wop, and big-band music from the forties and fifties. This range of music probably appealed to folks over fifty like him, and it