David Baldacci’s King & Maxwell

Have you seen the new tv series “King & Maxwell,” based on the novels by David Baldacci (one of my favorite authors)?  Quite good.  It stars Jon Tenny from The Closer and Major Crimes, and Rebecca Romijn, who will be forever ingrained in my mind as the star of Femme Fatal, a Roman Polanski movie from quite a few years ago (find it, view it).

In Baldacci’s novels, the Romijn character is basically unkempt and somewhat of a slob and the Tenny character is well dressed and the more organized partner.  In the series, they switched personalities, with Tenny (King) the unkempt one.

Tenny, but more in the character of the FBI agent in Major Crimes, would make a good Gino in The Seventh Treasure, albeit the ethnic background clashes a bit.  What do you think?

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  1. Update. My sister likes David Craig for the Gino role (don’t think so) and my sister-in-law suggests John Travolta. I still like Pierce Brosnan but again, wrong ethnicity

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