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Debbie Landers is free lance journalist and photographer specializing in travel, food and lifestyle.  She has a very comprehensive web site including all of these subjects and more.  In her Travel Journal/Blog on August 26th, she wrote a very complimentary review of The Seventh Treasure.  As a world traveler, familiar with Granada, Spain, she wrote. “…I especially enjoy reading books that take place in locations I’ve visited.  They allow me to relive adventures I encountered in those distimations, and such was the case with Len Camarda’s The Seventh Treasure, set in Spain.”  She says a lot of nice things and concludes, “If you like historical thrillers or are just looking for a good read, I suggest Len Camarda’s The Seventh Treasure – and, of course, a trip to Spain!”  See the full review at

And if you are looking for a good travel site that is both informative and fun, check out

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