Blue Ink Review – July 2022

“Len Camarda’s twisty thriller, Toro, opens to a gruesome murder..

The first killing leads to others around Europe… All die in ways connected to their occupations… Unwinding these strands takes investigators down twisting paths requiring skill and effort, which the author follows adroitly. Readers with appreciate the careful plotting.”

“…those interested in animal cruelty will appreciate the questions the novel raises. Cleverly, the author leaves the answers up to his readers.”


Kirkus Reviews – September 2022

“In this mystery, two inspectors investigate a series of brutal murders involving animal experts… Chief Inspector Mercedes Garcia Rico of Spain’s National Police Force and her husband Gino Cerone,…now with Interpol, look into the bizarre killings. Their investigation leads them to a coalition of animal rights groups…”

“This thriller recalls the cult film classic Theater of the Blood, in which an actor dispatches the critics who panned him with deaths out of Shakespeare’s plays. This story has the same pull, especially for animal lovers. This is Rico’s and Cerone’s third case and they are an effective team. Camarda’s murder set pieces are effectively written…”

“A gripping…conspiracy thriller with two clever sleuths.”